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RGS Atalanta Cars

A 1950's Racing Legend

There are a number of RGS Atalanta cars or cars with RGS components that are unaccounted for and we would like to try and find out more about these. Can you help?

For example, we are aware of at least two complete tubular chassis and three fibre glass bodies that went to the distributor in Canada, the Campbell Sports Car Company, Willowdale, Ontario. Any ideas where these may be?

Can you help us trace other potential cars containing RGS components. Do contact us if you can! Example UK registration numbers we would like to find information on:

EEL 233 (See photo right)

AKX 800, MOT 342,

HAW 333 (see lower right photo, car missing)

XN0 1 (See photo above) (NOW FOUND & racing in hands of Stuart Dean)

XNO 2 (Photo left - The first Dick Jacobs MG)

HSU 550 based on a Standard - still missing

GFV 866 (Prototype TVR Photo left)

This 1953 aluminium bodied C-type RGS Atalanta was imported to USA in 1978, seen here fully restored. BUT all UK history is lost - Originally it was thought blue. It was sold originally to a David Smallwood - CAN ANYONE HELP?????

ALSO, SEE the new "NEWS and New finds Section