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RGS Atalanta Cars

A 1950's Racing Legend


This is a new section to bring to you information and "new finds" as the come to light.

An original works built RGS Atalanta is now for sale - see new page click HERE

CAR BADGES RGS Atalanta body badges are now available, either solid chromed or part enamelled green. Enquiries to Alan Shattock at the Contact site on left.

I have recently finished trawling through my father's many negatives looking for photos of Atalantas and Brookside Garage at Winkfield and the many race meetings Dick was at.

The most significant recent finding is a roll of film showing the Team of 4 RGS Atalantas entered by Dick at the 6 hour Relay Race held at Silverstone on 28th August 1954, just before the "works" car (HBL 845) received its new fibre-glass body. The Team all had the number 3 (denoting it being the 3rd fastest team on handicap) followed by a letter for each car. The team consisted of Dick Shattock (HBL845) with Jaguar engine; Norman Wood (5 AMY) with its initial 4 litre Mercury engine; A.G.Oliver (reg no not known) with a 1.5 litre Lea Francis engine and R.J.Threlfall (ENF 11) with an A90 2.66 litre engine. THIS LATTER CAR IS A COMPLETELY NEW FIND - does anyone have any info about it or about the driver, R.J. Threlfall:

Also, I do not have a photo of the car driven by A.G.Oliver at this event, race number 3d. Again, does anyone know of this car or driver and/or have any info, or any photos?

AND, on the same roll of film, some photos of a line-up of RGS fibreglass bodies on the Brookside forecourt and even the tail end of a pre-war Atalanta in the adjacent workshop, AND John Griffiths prototype JAG, reg no NPC 3, at the rear:

Quite extraordinarily, still no information or event photos have come to light about the race history during the late 50's through to the early 1970's of the alloy bodied RGS Atalanta Jaguar, reg UKL 852. It was almost certainly dark blue in colour then (now green and yellow following full restoration by Chris in the USA. We would MUCH APPRECIATE any info or photos of early events with this car. The alloy body was almost certainly made by John Griffiths at Brookside, where many of his JAG's were also built: THIS CAR IS NOW FOR SALE - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.